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Ikea's big blue Frakta bag is getting a high fashion makeover | Metro News

Ikea Then p eople started transforming Ikea Frakta bags into high-fashion accessories . It’s natural, then, that Ikea has felt that now’s the time to let their Frakta bag reach its full, high fashion potential. They’ve teamed up with Virgil Abloh, the founder and designer of Off-White, to revamp Ikea’s big blue bag entirely. This is a big deal, because Virgil Abloh is known for his minimalist, edgy aesthetic – which contradicts the bright blue plastic of the original Frakta. As well as designing his own line, he also served as an art director for Watch the Throne, and is good mates with Kanye himself. So we’re expecting a Yeezy-esque take on the tote. Some kind of neutral tone, instead of blue, a sleek, simple design, and, of course, enough space for all your Sjaslits and Uppfattas. W Magazine reports that the bag is the same shape as the classic Frakta, but made of cardboard with the word ‘sculpture’ on the side.

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